The company acquired a portal on real estate

The company acquired a portal on real estate Cian.ruThe company, which is a part of Holding “Media3” by Dmitry and Aleksey Ananiev, purchased controlling interest of a real estate portal Deal structure and its sum are not disclosed.

Founder and director general of Sergey Osipov confirms that and will be separated as independent business, and expenses on development of one and the same technical systems will be twice lower for each of the projects after the union”.

Director General of “Media3” Maksim Melnikov notes, that the company is ready to negotiate about consolidation with all large players of the key regions of Russian. The guide for them will be successful businesses of Britain, American analogues и, Australian leader of real estate REA Group.

This is not the first union of recourses on the market of online-classifieds. On March about the union announced the most popular Russia-language Internet services of announcements -, and Herewith the owner of the two last recourses is a South African mediaholding Naspers – additionally invested in Avito Holding $50M.