Startup Women GROWTH business involvement program starts

Startup Women GROWTH business involvement program startsStartup Women, community and business incubator for projects created by women, announces a new business involvement program Startup Women GROWTH. The event will take place on March 15. The first module of the program will focus on E-commerce (electronic commerce) promising niche. The experienced experts will share their experience and tell how to ensure adequate webstore logistics, choose a platform, create a website, organize a competent promotion and implementing of new technology solutions.

Each SWG module will unite the best market experts in their fields (from e-commerce to investment) on one platform, the creators of their own projects, mentors (they will supervise the teamwork), present and future business ladies. SWG is successful case studies on a selected topic, a chance to get feedback from the audience on any declared SWG project, not to mention the intense Networking, characteristic of such training format.

This is one-day educational program including the following elements:

• Trends overview (analysis of promising business lines);
• Case studies analysis (success stories and the most common mistakes of any type of business);
• Projects launch.

In fact, it is very difficult to implement even the most brilliant plan without practice. Therefore, the SWG program includes the project planning phase.
The Sturtup Woman business incubator gives an opportunity to get the desired feedback with the help of an educational program, to receive experts and mentors’ recommendations, as well as to form a team.
Those who have the desire to do their own projects, and those who are already successfully working on the projects are allowed to participate.

Startup Women Growth is the entrepreneurship at an angle of 360 degrees, a format allowing to look at the process of creating a project from the inside.