Accepting applications to GTI Labs acceleration program ends

Accepting applications to GTI Labs acceleration program ends Accepting applications for GTI Labs acceleration program ends on July 15. The review and preparation of candidates for the first investment committee begins on July 16, when Prostor Capital investment fund representatives and Global TechInnovations experts will choose their favorite projects.

GTI Labs gives an IT startup a chance to get up to $40K at the start and up to $400K at the end. The program lasts for three months. During this time, the startup will form a team, build a business model, develop a MVP and/or understand product’s development plan. In order to get it, GTI Labs will give entrepreneurs an access to a variety of good resources, first of all, to mentors and experts - gurus in software development.

At the end of the program, all projects will present their results to Prostor Capital Fund, which is ready to invest in promising startups up to $400K.

The stages of the program:

- We accept the presentations according to the template until July, 15 to
- We consider the applications within ten days and decide who goes to the next stage.
- Several investment committees will take place in late July when you present your project to the expert committee of GTI Labs - Global TechInnovations and Prostor Capital.
- After we decide on the winning project
- The accelerating program will begin on August 1 and run until October 30.
- The Investment Committee of Prostor Capital will review the participants in November.