Glavstart start-ups Factory runs the Startup For Adults

Glavstart start-ups Factory runs the Startup For AdultsGlavstart start-ups Factory announces accepting applications for the Startup For Adults. As the company says, it is done to simplify the work with already running projects, for various reasons inconvenient to go through the Startup Weekend - a three-day event to help startups authors to rapidly move in the right direction when launching their Web projects, mostly at the stage of a mere idea.

Noting the relatively large number of adult projects and already launched services appealing outside the official program to Glavstart to help them improve the business model and give the right direction for further development, it was decided to launch a special acceleration program Start-up for adults. It will aim at giving a conceptual overturn in already running projects.

Together with the projects' authors Glavstart will reconsider the way of the projects’ development, try to understand how to better interact with the audience, how to turn users into customers, and how to start earning money.

After testing the new model Glavstart will help several projects with finance, resources and connections to implement the new model in life.

After finishing the Startup for Adults program projects graduates will present their changed products and the business model to the selected pool of investors at various stages.

The application deadline is April 25 on this page. To participate in the program it is required to respond to the questionnaire, have a working service, an already built team, and the desire to conquer the world.