Glavstart updates service

Glavstart updates service On April 8 Glavstart opened to the public beta-version of an updated resource - from the author's blog about startups, it transformed into a social service, where the authors of the projects and investors can meet and communicate with each other.

Such services already exist both in Russia and abroad. The most famous of these resources is American AngelList. Developing the new version of, Glavstart tried to take into account their experience and all the nuances of such services.

The service receives for publishing either already operating projects or projects with publicly available prototype. Both private investors and funds may be registered as investors. When registering a Fund it is possible to add specific fund members not to communicate with a faceless fund, but to specific people.

Before the information about startups and investors becomes available to the service users, it is moderated. To register, the investor must either be publicly known, or get a recommendation from the registered investors.

For every investor it is important to understand not only at what stage the project is now but also see how the project developed - when and what steps have been passed, what results have been achieved and when. Especially for solving this problem the Current events section was created, where startups publish information about all the events in their development by linking them to the timeline.

Subscribing to a startup or an investor, the service users will receive in the feed any profile changes, new documents published by them and the news of their Current events. However, information about who you have subscribed to is not public - this is known only to you, and to those whom you subscribe.

For any investor it is important not to be bombarded with spam from hundreds of startups - the service allows to send personal messages only to those who subscribed to you. Therefore, a startup can trigger communication with the investor only if he was interested and signed up for the project. If the start-up subscribed to the investor, the investor is able to write directly to this startup.

In the process of developing a new service Glavstart consulted with members of the newly created Syndicate of investors, as it is important that the newly opened service is a really working tool communication of startups and investors, rather than another catalog of projects.