A lack of understanding between investors and startups is a big problem

A lack of understanding between investors and startups is a big problemGennady Medetsky, the executive director of Synergy Innovations venture fund, considers the lack of understanding between investors and startup founders as one of the major problems that occur to the authors of innovative projects in fundraising efforts. Medetsky wrote about it in his blog on I-business.ru.

People, their psychology, the ability to communicate and find common ground is the most frequent subject of numerous business trainings, coaching sessions in the modern world, - the head of the Synergy Innovations fund believes, adding that half of all promising projects do not find funding for this very reason - the lack of mutual understanding.

The reason for this, according to Medetsky, lays in different experience of the two parties, and maybe even in the lack of necessary experience: investors often do not hear developers, and developers in turn do not always adequately assess the opportunities to commercialize their products. The problem, according to Medetskogo, needs to be solved in the following way: investors should spend sufficient time to learn how to listen to developers closely to understand an author of a startup. A young entrepreneurs need to learn the principles of business in a free competition.

JSC Synergy Innovations is a Russian venture fund of Synergy University holding. The Fund invests in high-growth companies and projects in promising emerging markets. The Fund's strategy is to invest in the capital of companies to acquire a significant minority or majority stake.