Russian venture market has serious imbalances

Russian venture market has serious imbalancesModern Russian venture capital market has a number of serious imbalances across its sectors, stages and the ratio of real investments and money available. Most of investments in Russia (about 70%) account for online projects, and mostly not for major IT projects, but e-commerce, which has no breakthrough potential and global perspectives, the general director of RVC Igor Agamirzyan says.

Less than 5% of money available on the market accounts for the key segment of work. We also see that the venture market has a surplus of money, lack of promising projects and companies to invest in, - he said at a meeting of National Association of Business Angels (NABA).

According to investment experts, a lack of effective communication within business angel community reduces investment dynamics in the Russian venture business. The main development priority for the business angel community is the investor pool expansion, as well as creating a team of professionals who can effectively manage investments in seed stage tech projects.