Sergey Brin still perceives Russia as snowy Nigeria

Sergey Brin still perceives Russia as snowy Nigeria The participants of the Russian innovation week in California - financiers, officials and analysts - estimate the prospects of innovation industry saying that Russian innovations lack foreign marketing, and American startups are too transparent for investors from Russia.

The participants of the Russian Innovation Week in the United States expressed different views on Russia's attractiveness as a center of innovation development for foreign investors. For instance, Alexander Galitsky, the founder of Almaz Capital Partners, believes that such conferences should be interesting for those people who are building Silicon Valley today: Mark Zuckerberg has not visited this event. Sergey Brin still perceives Russia as snowy Nigeria - Galitsky says. We should make some efforts to change this, we need to demonstrate more success of a certain type. We need to find the guys who are doing something in Russia and become successful here (in the U.S.).Only then we will see the faith.

Saeed Amidi, the founder of Plug and Play, said that two years ago they had not any plans to enter the Russian market: But in the process of development, with the support of Skolkovo, RUSNANO, public and private sector, we have seen the interest in the development of innovations. This is the main reason why we have come to Russia. Overall, U.S. and other investors and start-ups are beginning to come to Russia. The difficulty is that the U.S. investors and projects are not familiar with the local environment, but this is true for any regional markets, not only Russian.

The problem of the Russian market recognition abroad was noted by Bala Velmurugan, the founder and executive director of Airupt. She believes that Russia has good specialists, but the country is not advertised abroad. The positive side of this is that new players have no large competitors, but disadvantages of this are also obvious. I think that Russian companies need to learn how to sell in order to solve the problem. And then, maybe, foreign companies and investors will reached out for Russia, - Velmaragan said.

Another barrier for the U.S. investment is the distance from Russia to the United States on a map. Investors should be close - Anna Dvorinikova says, the managing director of TEC. - If you invest somewhere, you should be close to monitor the situation. In her opinion, when the company is global, then its investors are from all around the world, but when we talk about a small start-up then there should be a local investor who invest money and helps to develop.