Feedback start-up projects show: 10 Top4Top Lessons

Feedback start-up projects show: 10 Top4Top LessonsOn March 30 in Moscow, Mikhail Zonenashvili, the former top4top Portal CEO, will speak about his experience in the project, which has seen not only a brilliant start, but managed to cope with the subsequent failures. In addition, Michael will unmask what is happening to the projects after investment, what percentage of the funded projects will be successful and what a project should be to get into this percentage.

The Internet is a unique and at the same time a very dangerous environment where some projects are destined to fade, while the others will find their niche. There is a third option, rare due to the nature of the global network audience, but still real - the revival of as it would seem an unsuccessful startup. An example was the top4top portal: many people remember the appearance of a loud social network for intellectuals and, we won’t fear the word, scandalous continue. A great idea, vested in the progressive for that time design, which for a number of reasons did not reach the planned altitude. Despite the first spoil, the portal was restarted, but with a new business model and a new management team.

After a coffee break, participants will be presented already launched projects: 3 large presentations ten minutes each, followed by Q & A session, as well as two presentations two each minutes without the Q & A.

For anyone who has recently launched a project, Feedback is a great chance to check it out in public. Will the idea stand the experts criticism? Will the Feedback guests find any constructive suggestions? It is even possible that the authors will be able to find future partners at the event.

The application for a 10-minute presentation of a project can be granted by sending an email to with a mark Feedback. For more information about the venue and registration for the event address to