33rd Moscow Point in the new format finished

33rd Moscow Point in the new format finishedOn March 29 Digital October in Moscow hosted the 33rd Moscow Point, presenting the new format of the event: more mentoring work with each start-up, more feedback, as well as an opportunity to seek mentoring support to get expert reviews on the Startuppoint. ru site profile.

During the first part of the Point, the startups made 2-minute presentations to experts, after which they quickly found their mentors. And during the mentoring sessions, each project had a chance to improve the speech.

During the second part, the best 10 startup projects selected by mentors, again made their presentations, now to the investors.

Then, traditionally, the audience had a chance to act as the investors and to invest virtual $ 3 M in only 3 of the projects. The vote resulted in determining the winners of the 33rd Moscow Point. They are:

• StartApp - 48 M;
• OnlineTours - 42 M;
• Oh, food! - 39 M;
• Geolance - 39 M;
• Reserve - 28 M;
• SocialMart - 14 M;
• NextGame - 13 M;
• Restlook - 8 M;
• Agora - 7 M;
• OTMS – 4 M;

The investment vote is, of course, not real, but the result is indicative. The next step for the start-ups is inviting mentors to leave feedback on the project profile and continue to work on the project. The next step for the mentors is to express their support for the projects they liked and continue to communicate with them.

The photos from the 33rd Moscow Point are available at Startuppoint on Facebook.