An Investment Session for IT-startups in KRITBI

An Investment Session for IT-startups in KRITBIAn Investment Session for innovative IT-startups took place in Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator (KRITBI). The director of Krasnoyarsk branch of Moscow Business School Dmitry Sukhanov conducted a two-day educational training seminar for the residents of KRITBI and beginning businessmen. The event was organized by Krasnoyarsk Institute of Mentoring.

The Investment Session was held in two stages. On the first day Dmitry Sukhanov spoke about the opportunities and prospects for the transfer of experience from a mentor to beginning entrepreneurs. The participants of the Investment Session analyzed common mistakes when presenting the project to investors and partners.

The second day was dedicated to the presentations of projects. Each participant was able to get video recommendations from mentors to their project.

The participants of the event had the opportunity to exchange contacts with established business people and invite them to participate in their projects as partners or investors.