Innovative IT companies of Krasnoyarsk Region form a cluster

Innovative IT companies of Krasnoyarsk Region form a clusterInnovative IT companies of Krasnoyarsk Region have formed a cluster with the support of the regional government, the Minister of Investment and Innovation of the region Olga Ruhullaeva reports.

Last year, IT companies of Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator (KRITBI) addressed the Ministry with an initiative to form their own cluster. We have agreed to place them on the basis of the Institute of Space and Information Technologies at Siberian Federal University (SibFU ISIT) - Olga Ruhullaeva explains.

The Investment Ministry also expects that students and graduates of ISIT will become the personnel and ideological basis for new innovative IT companies.

ISIT has many students and graduates who develop their own IT projects. We want them to know that if there is a good business idea, they will receive our assistance and support tools to create their companies - the head of the ministry explains.

It was previously reported that IT companies in KRITBI have developed a number of innovative computer technologies demanded in both domestic and global markets. In particular, a resident of the Skolkovo Fund and KRITBI GuardNet LLC entered into agreement with 40 different companies in 2012 for the installation of software to protect websites against hacker attacks.

KRITBI was established in June 2011, it is part of regional support system for innovative startups in medicine, biotechnology, energy, IT technologies, engineering, nanotechnologies and other high-tech industries. The business incubator is controlled by the Ministry of Investment and Innovation of Krasnoyarsk Region.