Kazakhstan to present start-up projects at the Investor Day

Kazakhstan to present start-up projects at the Investor DayOn April 4, 2012 in Almaty Investor Day will be held. It is the conference on investment in the Internet business sector of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The main function is to unite all the key players in the sector: venture capital funds, private investors, startups and mature Internet companies, professional consultants and experts, as well as the state to expand contacts and discuss the most pressing problems of the industry.

The investment climate of the Internet sector in Kazakhstan and other countries will be discussed at the conference, the recent trends in the sector will be identified, as well as the most problematic issues associated with the development of start-up traffic, forming the infrastructure, and participation of state and private capital will be discussed.

The Startups show will be presented to the event participants: a presentation of the participant teams of the first Business Lab accelerator season. The authors within two months turned their ideas drawn on paper to projects that already have prototypes and intend to be launched and become serious businesses in the near future. The Startups show will be interesting for venture investors, investing at early stages, as well as to all potential clients, customers and graduate partners of the first accelerator season.

During the conference the professional venture investors will discuss the vital questions of the industry: searching for the projects and managing the transactions flow, structuring the transactions issues, legal implementation of the deals, the venture projects portfolio management, the investment risks in the Internet technology sector, etc.

The so-called Kazakhstan start-up lane will also be organized providing a real possibility for Kazakh businessmen to communicate with investors, experts, and just the audience. Large and small, already earning money or just working on the prototypes, startups will have the opportunity to speak about their business, and possibly find new business contacts, mentors and team members.

For more information about the conference address Investorday.kz.