UpStart Conf within RIF + KIB 2012

UpStart Conf within RIF + KIB 2012UpStart Conf is a conference devoted to startups, investments and the Internet industry in Russia's innovation economy. The organizers are the company Fast Lane Ventures, The Internet in Numbers Journal, as an organizational partner serves Startup Point. Under the UpStart Conf it is planned to open the Internet business School, the startups and investors presentation will be held, different business models adherents intellectual battle will take place in 2012.

The conference opens with the presentations of funds and investors on April 18. Its goal is to inform the innovative entrepreneurs about where and with what projects to search for the investment. Investment funds representatives and private investors are invited to the event, they will have the opportunity to make a presentation.

The seminar Best Practices for Investment and the intellectual battle Followers VS Pioneers will take place on April 18, in which supporters of using proven business models strategy (fast followers) and the supporters of developing radically new ideas (pioneers) will defend their position on this issue.

The Internet business School will run at the UpStart Conf on April 19 a Cycle of brief practical lectures for the beginners on the Internet entrepreneurship. The program includes the main stages of the development, launch and promotion of the Internet startups. The experienced internet-builders will act as teachers, they will speak about the key rules, errors, and the features of a successful start-ups.

The closed meeting of the investors club will finish the day.

The startups presentation will be held on the final day of the conference, on April 20 - Startup Pitch, during which the projects selected by the experts, will be presented to the representatives of leading investment funds, private investors, top managers of Russian and foreign Internet companies, as well as other conference participants.

The private meetings of start-ups organizers with the investors (1 +1) and reports on the most interesting successful Internet business stories will be also held on April 20.