NRU ITMO and Esprito Ventures to open Summer Startup Lab

NRU ITMO and Esprito Ventures to open Summer Startup LabEsprito Ventures Fund and the National Research University ITMO will launch a project called Summer Startup Lab SumIT in July, 20. The project will run for six weeks from July, 20 till August, 31. The winners will receive investment from business angels and venture capital funds.

SumIT participants will test their projects, business, or ideas under the strict supervision of experts, mentors and world-famous professionals. As a result, Startup Lab graduates will be able to get ready to monetize their business models and receive a series of investment from start-up accelerator iDealMachine and other investors, business angels and venture capital funds.

Representatives of NRU ITMO say that there are lots of gifted students at their university, but not everyone can as easily and quickly turn their ideas into a multimillion-dollar business as Paul Durov and Mark Zuckerberg did it. Therefore, NRU ITMO in association with Esprito Ventures created Startup Lab aimed at entrepreneurship in high technology.

Already working and beginning start-ups come here to take 6-week training course on turning ideas into business models, as well as how to adopt the experience and knowledge of professionals in IT, mentors, investors and representatives of venture funds.

In addition, the Startup Lab SumIT is a unique platform with co-working sites and a great platform for effective interaction with like-minded persons.

It should be noted that SumIT is an international laboratory, the participants of which are foreign teams, experts and mentors. Such project can be considered as a good sign in the development of innovative ecosystem of St. Petersburg and whole country.