Google disclosed that $12.4B was paid for buying Motorola

Google disclosed that $12.4B was paid for buying MotorolaGoogle Inc. disclosed details of the last transaction for the acquisition of Motorola Mobility. In its regular securities report for the U.S. Exchange Commission, search engine giant stated how much money was spent on Motorola patents, the main assets of the company and the shareholders agreed to the deal.

Google agreed to buy handset manufacturer Motorola Mobility in August last year. Motorola shareholders received about $40 a share in cash, the amount was 63% higher than the value of Motorola securities at the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. And after the announcement Motorola shares have jumped in price by 61%, the company's market capitalization grew by $ 4.5 B - to $ 11.7 B. As reported by Bloomberg agency, the deal was the largest in the wireless market over the past ten years.

And now thanks to the Google’s report it became known about the details about what the corporation has paid for. $ 5.5 B of the transaction amount has been paid for the intellectual property of Motorola Mobility, in particular, for patents and developed technologies.

Payment for capital assets of Motorola is $ 2.9 B. A bit less than the amount went to shareholders for a good will: $ 2.6 B had been paid for the consent of shareholders of Motorola Mobility for the transaction. Google paid $ 730 M for the base of existing customers of Motorola Mobility, and $ 670 M payment was for other assets.