Prostor Capital and Runa Capital invested $3M in cloud telephony

Prostor Capital and Runa Capital invested $3M in cloud telephonyRuna Capital and Prostor Capital venture funds invested in Infratel Company which is engaged in the development of Internet telephony. The investors got a minority stake in the project for $ 3 M - precise figures are not known, but it is known that Prostor Capital Fund is the lead investor. Infratel plans to spend received funds on the deployment of cloud telephony platform to start sales through service providers, as well as to strengthen its presence on the global market.

Infratel Company was founded in 1999 and operated in Russia, CIS, the USA, Canada and Southeast Asia, providing services for the organization of geographically distributed call centers, as well as their integration with the corporate IT-infrastructure. Offices of the Company are located in Moscow and Seattle (Australia), the development Centre is in Moscow.

The main product of the Company is a platform for the organization of call-centers based on Internet telephony with the support of up to 1K operators, which can be integrated with CRM and ERP-systems of client companies. The product is aimed mainly at small businesses including private entrepreneurs.

Neither the worth of Infratel Company is not known, nor its financial figures. According to the managing partner of Runa Capital Fund Dmitry Chikhachev, this trend is relatively new in the business.

As the managing director of Prostor Capital Alexey Soloviev says, Internet telephony trend is perspective for small and medium business, and the fund has long watched for him. More than 11 M of small businesses in the U.S. and Europe, more than five million small and medium businesses in Russia is a huge market, - Soloviev says.

There are more than 11 M small businesses in the markets of North America, Europe and Russia that have their own websites and no the basic telephony platform and experiencing some difficulties when interacting with customers - Bryan Goode said, the CEO of Infratel. - We set a goal during the first funding round - to provide intuitive and easy-to-use solutions in communication technologies so that small businesses will be able to ensure growth and profitability of their business.

Runa was established in 2010 by Sergey Belousov, the founder of Parallels Company, by Alexander Galich, the founder of Almaz Capital Partners fund, and Dmitry Chikhachev, ex-HR-director of Ericsson CIS. The volume of the fund is $ 135 M.

Prostor Capital was founded in 2011 by a group of private investors, the former Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman was among them. Fund’s size is $ 20 M.