#poSEEDelki with Katherine Ukolova in Moscow

#poSEEDelki with Katherine Ukolova in Moscow A master-class of Oy-Li Company’s founder Catherine Ukolova took place on August 15, 2012 in Digital October within #poSEEDelki. She shared her experience how to work out a successful development strategy in terms of her own company.

More than 50 beginners and experienced entrepreneurs heard Catherine’s recommendations on issues such as startup company’s strategy development, the vision of the market, creating of a separate and independent sales structure, creating business processes and motivation systems, cost optimization.

Katherine paid special attention to the role of sales. In her opinion, it is vital for start-ups to start test sales as early as possible and responding to the preferences of the target audience during the process. If you know how to sell a minimum product, you will be able to move on.

One of the hottest topics of the master class was the question how to attract talents to the team. Contrary to usual practice of start-ups - invite more for less money, - Katherine advises to pay attention to this matter, because in fact the ability and willingness of workers will determine success. They also touched upon the theme which is a headache for many owners - How do you find a top manager? When choosing a senior management, the speaker advised to pay attention to the competence of candidates, their understanding of the case, as well as their core values (attitude to life, work and etc.). The closer they are to your own goals and the company, the better.

And finally, Katherine gave the audience a very important piece of advice: Startup must end!, because the objective of any company's founder is to create a system that could work independently.