TMT invested in Pipedrive startup

TMT invested in Pipedrive startupThe Board of Directors of TMT Investments Plc announced the closing of the transaction for investment in Pipedrive startup (Delaware, USA).

According to, Pipedrive developed a simple but powerful tool to manage online sales oriented to business people who want to develop their sales and spend less time on administrative aspects. Pipedrive product differs from standard CRM because it focuses on increasing sales productivity and supports simple and convenient user interface at the same time. The target audience of Pipedrive product is small companies (up to 15 users).

Pipedrive Company was founded in 2010 by a team of sales professionals and software developers. The founders of this project previously participated in the creation of Vain & Partners, a leading company in training of sales personnel in Baltic and Nordic regions. Each Pipedrive team member has over 10 years experience in technologies.

Pipedrive raised $ 250 K from angel investors of Silicon Valley and Europe. Public beta version of the Pipedrive product was launched in January, 2011 and is currently used by over 1,500 organizations in over 50 countries.