Google bought Instagram’s rival

Google bought Instagram’s rivalGoogle has acquired a developer of a paid mobile application Snapseed, which provides services similar to Instagram. The giant intends to strengthen its position in the competition with Facebook buying the service and receiving the opportunity to offer its users the same opportunities as the popular photo service bought by the social network.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Snapseed service is being developed by Nik Software, which is a part of Google now. Nik Software was started in 1995 and specializes in developing graphical editors to correct digital photos. The company released its first mobile app in 2011 specifically for the iPad and iPhone. The application was adapted for Apple laptops in January 2012, and became available to users of Windows in February.

According to the Senior Vice President of Google Vic Gundotra, Snapseed application allows Google users to create images they would be delighted with.

We have been always strived for sharing our passion for photography with people. We hope that we can help the millions of people to create great photos with the support of Google - Nik Software added.

Snapseed app is not free, you can download it for $4.99, but it did not prevent it from being popular - according to Nik Software company, the application was installed by more than 10M users. The application received an award from Apple in 2011 for the best interface for editing photos. A similar award was received by Instagram too, but in the category of the best iPhone editor.

It is worth noting that Snapseed gives more resources than Instagram. Snapseed can compete even with the mobile version of Photoshop, since you can adjust just anything when you edit, and in addition to dozens of completely different ways to give pictures the original look it has the traditional tool to adjust brightness, contrast and color saturation.

Google bought Instagram’s rival