Synergy business incubator opened in St. Petersburg

Synergy business incubator opened in St. PetersburgThe opening of Synergy business incubator, which is a co-working center and incubator in one, took place in September, 19 in St. Petersburg. The experts of the business incubator will lead projects from the ground up to specified results, increasing the gain from businesses through a system of mentoring and training programs.

Each resident of the incubator will get a mentor that leads the team up to concrete and measurable results in one of the stepwise programs depending on the scope of the business. Teams are given workspace and some secretarial services.

The organizers promise weekly meetings with renowned entrepreneurs of Russia and St. Petersburg, upscale senior managers and professionals. Guest names are not announced. The event will be opened not only for residents of the incubator, but also for the participants of Synergy’s co-working center.

The residents for the business incubator will be selected after interviewing to identify whether the business incubator is useful for a specific team.