ISTU predicts the growth of R&D funding up to 8B RUR

ISTU predicts the growth of R&D funding up to 8B RURThe funding of R&D from companies cooperating with National Research Irkutsk State Technical University (NR ISTU) will be about eight billion rubles by 2019.

This was announced by the university rector Ivan Golovnykh at the last XIII Russian Venture Fair. The rector also said that the volume of investment in Irkutsk region from University’s high technology projects is 40B RUR.

The portfolio of ISTU has 27 projects with total implementation amount of 5B RUR. The University is involved in establishing high technology enterprises on its own base since 2010. Among the projects are nanomodifiers that increase the strength of metals, alloys and polymers by 1.5-2 times, lasers for photodynamic therapy of cancer.

It is planned that the portfolio of ISTU will be increased by 2019 but Golovnykh notes the need to engage young staff in innovative activities.

The volume of R&D in the University was 468M RUR in 2011. Irkutsk Technical University is a partner for 16 Russian companies, which ordered research projects in the University. Among them are Irkut Corporation with a project of MC-21 aircraft, chemical company Nitol with the production of spherical silica beads for electronics. Scientists from ISTU also design a Mining and Processing Plant on Bugdainskoe deposits in Transbaikalia that is owned by Norilsk Nickel.