Irkutsk University opens an online store of its developments

Irkutsk University opens an online store of its developmentsNational Research Irkutsk State Technical University (ISTU) opened the first Russian internet-shop of innovative developments to sell the goods made in University’s Technopark.

The online store of ISTU Technopark is a platform that hosts innovation, creativity and scientific and technical services of the staff and students. The purpose of the online shop is the development of student entrepreneurship, transfer of innovative developments of the University and ISTU Technopark’s enterprises.

The online store, for example, offers you to buy energy-efficient furnaces, heating elements coated with nanoparticles (they allow the device to regulate the temperature), products made of the new eco-friendly materials vinizol and penozol. Among the services are engineering in space monitoring, the profiling of shafts, geological survey, market research.

Among the first engineering services available in ISTU online store is the monitoring of landslide processes in open cast mining. This service will cost the customer 100K RUR.

The competitive advantages of offerings by the specialists from the Department of Geodesy and Surveying are represented by unique methods for monitoring landslide processes. The measurements are performed using laser scanners and high precision robotized tachometers, - the university’s message says.