Clickandpay attracts $10M and offers to buy hot tours

Clickandpay attracts $10M and offers to buy hot toursClickAndPay site launches a service for online tours shopping on its platform. For greater convenience the site provides the possibility of traveling to the selected country in 3D-format, you can also get the opportunity to design your own tour with the help of a special tours designer. Several months ago, the service received $10M in seed funding.

Every day the site receives more than 50 hot tours from leading tour operators. You can pay for your tour directly from the site by any methods presented. When making the tour the client receives a list of all necessary documents via e-mail, and the documents that require signature can be delivered by hand to the place of work or residence.

ClickAndPay service was launched in May 2012 and it was the first aggregator of online stores in RuNet, allowing cashback. After receiving $10M of seed investment from a business angel Igor Grossmann, ClickAndPay provided its users with the ability to access full online hypermarket; one can buy goods, services, purchase discount coupons and more without leaving home.

According to the project founder Cyril Voitsekhovich-Kazantsev, he considered cashback after creating of a payment system (which was sold Qiwi), which worked as follows: the service concluded contracts with operators and agents, keeping a certain amount of commission and giving the rest to the agents. After selling the business, Cyril decided to integrate this model into the retail sector, replacing the agents with buyers.

Hundreds of the largest stores of the RuNet are already connected to the service:,,, and leading discount services. The company plans to take 10% of the Russian market of online trading in three years, - Voitsekhovich-Kazantsev says.