Social network xLander launched a cloud service for hotels management

Social network xLander launched a cloud service for hotels managementA social network for travelers xLander announces the launch of a cloud service for hotel management SmartHotel. The service allows you to keep track of free and occupied rooms in the hotel, receive bookings, and to plan check-ins and check-outs.

SmartHotel allows the management of the hotel to make its descriptions, create types of rooms with the same parameters, to determine the seasons, set rooms’ prices and discounts on selected types of rooms. Daily operations can be done in Front desk - the main category of SmartHotel: processing of check-ins and check-outs and etc.

The launch of the hotel management system SmartHotel took place within xLander’s strategy, aimed at the development and expansion of services for travelers and the tourism market’s professional participants.

Social network xLander was founded in 2009, now it unites more than 300K people who use social services for travel planning and sharing of experience. xLander’s users publish stories, photos and reviews. xLander generates ratings of hotels, restaurants, attractions and tours according to the reviews. All information in the social network is geo-referenced and distributed according to countries, regions and cities. 25% of the social network is owned by investment fund Aurora Venture Capital which invested in the service in July this year.