receives a million applications for financial services receives a million applications for financial servicesA portal on credit cards (a project of investment holding Finam) summarized the interim results of the development. Over 1 million authorized profiles of consumers who are interested in a particular service has been formed in less than two years since the launch of the resource, more than half of which were used by the portal's partner banks to sell their financial to services.

More than 20 Russian credit organizations are currently working with the portal.

The portal on credit cards was launched in November, 2010 by a group of professionals with considerable experience in the successful implementation of similar projects in the U.S.

The pool of partner banks has been significantly expanded during the period of project's existence. At the moment, the number of credit organizations cooperating with the portal is more than 20 banks operating in retail lending. The administration of the resource conducts intensive negotiations with other banks, which will make it possible to increase the number of project's partners to 30.

Users of the Internet portal can get the information about a wide range of credit cards and the opportunity to see the current offerings of banks with the ability to register online in order to obtain desired credit card. has operated as a source of credit cards’ analytics since September, 2012. The information allows people to get the latest project statistics on the development of the Russian credit market, as well as objective assessments of banks’ services/products, the data of credit bureaus and other financial institutions.

The interim statistics of activities reflects the high demand for the project of the Internet users and the high potential for further monetization of the project. We intend to maintain the high rates of business’s growth, and to achieve 70% share of the credit cards market in the next year – the General Director of Credit Cards Online LLC Artem Ayupov says.