OPORA-CREDIT portal launches a new service to support small businesses

OPORA-CREDIT portal launches a new service to support small businessesOPORA-CREDIT portal has launched a new service that helps to choose a program of state support for small business. A new handbook State support for small business is a platform which provides the information on the federal, regional and local business support programs. Every businessman can spend a few seconds and find among 818 specific activities those available to businesses under its sphere of activity, the time of the actual work and the region.

According to OPORA-CREDIT, the creation of the new service is caused by the lack of a single resource that would contain all the necessary information on state support in all regions of Russia - and almost 20B RUR was allocated in 2012 for this purpose.

The map of infrastructure organizations that is on the portal www.opora-credit.ru includes addresses, phone numbers, links to official sites and the schedule of 5612 organizations associated with any kind of support for small businesses in all regions of Russia. Each measure represented in the directory includes a link to the official document which regulates its implementation.

One of our main objectives is making the information on state support more open, the general director of the media holding OPORA-CREDIT Konstantin Efimov says. - We offer our users to share their experience of receiving or not receiving the government support. I draw start-ups’ attention to the fact that almost half of the support activities from the list applies to the business at early stage of development.