19 B RUR to support small business in Russia

19 B RUR to support small business in RussiaRussian business newspaper publishes a Government direction On the distribution of subsidies granted in 2012 from the federal budget to the regional budgets of the Russian Federation for state support of small and medium enterprises including farm enterprises.

19 B RUR was allocated for these purposes according to the document. Moscow will receive the maximum - 1.41 B RUR, Krasnodar region - 644.8 M RUR, and Moscow Region is on the third place - 610.87 M RUR. For St. Petersburg businessmen provided only 260 M RUR. Jewish Autonomous Region will receive 5.46 M RUR, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug - 16.2 M RUR, Magadan region - 32.8 M RUR.

Each individual entrepreneur in Chechen Republic will get the most - 68.861 RUR per person, in Altai Republic - 19, 482 RUR, and in Chukotka - 8.526 RUR.

Least of all will be in St. Petersburg - 342.2 RUR per entrepreneur, Jewish Autonomous Oblast - 510.4 RUR, Chelyabinsk - 627.4 RUR, Saratov - 633.8 RUR, Tyumen - 666.7 RUR.

The Calculation of the amount of federal funds to support small and medium-sized businesses for each region of the Federation is based on the average number of SMEs in each region, as well as on the amount of funds allocated from local budgets to support small and medium-sized businesses – Viktor Ermakov says, the CEO of Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business. - In other words, those regions that are really involved in supporting entrepreneurship and allocate sufficient money for that, will also receive appropriate funding from the federal budget.

Despite the fact that 2 B RUR less have been allocated in 2012 in comparison with 2011 to support small and medium-sized businesses, experts do not consider it as a serious decrease in government support of SMEs.