Skype to support start-ups and small businesses

Skype to support start-ups and small businessesSkype company is going to launch new social network. The decision to create Skype in the Workspace (SITW) is caused by the desire to help small businesses by providing them with a platform to promote their products and services using video chat, as well as for convenient communication with partners and potential customers.

Microsoft, which owns the VoIP-telephony service of Skype, will provide the access to the social network for free, you can also specify your additional accounts, for example, Skype or LinkedIn. The purpose of SITW is to show startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs how Skype can increase their sales, help to find new customers and consult with the experts. It is reported that about 500 small businesses have already registered on the network.

Representatives of startups will be able to use the social network to publish an invitation to potential customers who want to know more about their business, and to answer questions via video. The users can share interesting offers in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.