Beeline opens new media center in Digital October

Beeline opens new media center in Digital OctoberBeeline Business and the Center for New Technologies Digital October open new modern media center Beeline Digital Press Room in the strategic partnership, which is equipped with all necessary information and communication technologies for events of any size.

Any event held at Beeline Digital Press Room can be streamed live in standard or HD resolution on the website of the Digital October Center and on any other partner sites, both in Russia and abroad, with several audio tracks in different languages.

Digital October is the most innovative center for the exchange of good ideas. Therefore, the partnership with DO is primarily the ability to communicate with professional technological community, the testing of our innovative solutions, receiving feedback and new ideas for the development of Beeline Business products and services, - Andrey Patoka, the Vice President of Corporate Business Development of OJSC VimpelCom says.

Dmitry Repin, the CEO of the Digital October Center, says: We plan to use the media center as a site for testing and implementation of latest technologies in organization and conduction of events. Many of these technologies will be used for the first time, not only in Russia but also in the world. The media center will help us to select the format to convey the right content to right audience in the most effective way.