Kommersant FM, RVC and Digital October to launch Good Venture program

Kommersant FM, RVC and Digital October to launch Good Venture programThe centre of New Technologies and Technological Entrepreneurship Digital October together with the Kommersant FM radio station, with the support of OJSC RVC aired a new radio program Good Venture entirely devoted to venture capital market. The program is informational and analytical in nature and devoted to the discussion of the most important news of the Russian and foreign markets by the experts in the field of venture capital.

Good Venture will go on the air at Kommersant FM every Wednesday evening. The program presenters are Dmitry Repin, the general director of the Digital October center of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship, and Anna Chebotareva, TV and radio broadcaster.

In addition to the release of the Good Venture on the radio, programs audio recordings and their transcripts will be available on the websites of Digital October (www.digitaloctober.ru) and Kommersant FM (www.kommersant.ru / fm). Moreover, the authors plan to maintain an active dialogue with the audience, to conduct opinion polls and publish useful information for the investors and start-up on the program site and on the corresponding Facebook page.

Dmitry Repin, the Good Venture host and the Director General of the Digital October New Technologies Centre, said: Today, the startup cost in the venture market can reach from several $ M to a B, which is higher than the majority of transactions in the classical market of mergers and acquisitions. And in the absence of investment ideas and overall volatility of the stock market, investors begin to show a growing interest to venture financing. Since Digital October develops the venture capital and technological entrepreneurship ecosystem in Russia, we have decided that the program will be interesting not only to professionals in the field of venture capital financing, but to most of the business audience, who think about personal investments or the creation of their own business.

Yevgeny Kuznetsov, the director of OJSC RVC innovation and social programs promotion department, said: The venture community in Russia has already been formed, dozens of funds work in the market and there is a lot of interesting transactions. There are already topics and reasons for the media discussions. With the Good Venture program we want to voice the Russian venture capital community, as well as to popularize the subject and to draw the attention of investors and Russian business in general to the venture market.