The date of the TechCrunch Moscow conference

The date of the TechCrunch Moscow conferenceInternational IT-conference of TechCrunch technoblog, devoted to the analysis of new start-ups, reviewing of Internet projects and the discussion of the latest technology news, will take place on December 9-10, 2012 at Digital October, Moscow.

TechCrunch Moscow shows the world all interesting events happening on the technology markets of Russia since 2010. This major international event will be organized in 2012 by the center for new technologies and technological entrepreneurship Digital October and Kite Ventures fund jointly with AOL Tech Media.

The program of TechCrunch Moscow 2012 is based on War and Peace theme - the confrontation of business models, strategies, technologies, and the emergence of new markets, companies and leaders. The conference participants will see two days of interviews, discussions and startups' pitches. More than 30 speakers and 900 participants are expected to participate, including technological entrepreneurs, venture investors, major IT-companies and media from Russia, Europe and the U.S.

The hosts of TechCrunch Moscow 2012 will be Mike Butcher (chief editor of TechCrunch Europe) and Ned Desmond (an entrepreneur in new media, the CEO of AOL Tech Media).

The leaders of start-ups will also be able to present their projects during the conference - Demo Day and the Alley of startups will be organized for this purpose. The demo day finalists will take part in the traditional Battle of start-ups that completes the conference.

Private meetings with the organizers and individual participants of the Founders Forum and CEO Forum will be held at the conference for the first time.