Rusnano invests in a project to develop paints

Rusnano invests in a project to develop paintsRusnano announced the start of financing the project to expand the production of polymer dispersions that are used as the basis for the manufacturing of paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives and mortars. The project is implemented by Akrilan Company, the volume of investments from Rusnano is 600M RUR.

The project is planned to expand the existing production of LLC Akrilan in Vladimir. This will allow the company to increase the output by 6 times up to 60 thousand tons per year. It is expected that total revenue will be 2.7B RUR by 2015, and the market share in value terms - 40%.

The main objective of the project is the replacement of imported water dispersions of broad application in the Russian market. At the moment, the share of imports is variously estimated from 23% to 50%.

The main brands of dispersions produced by the company (90% of the total volume) have the particle size of 65-95 nm. The paints based on nanoscale dispersions form coatings which durability is 30 years, compared to coatings based on conventional dispersions which durability is no more than 5-8 years.

The tightening of environmental requirements for building materials will inevitably lead to an increase in the proportion of non-toxic water-soluble paints. Thanks to RUSNANO's investments, Akrilan company will become a major player in the market of aqueous dispersions in the next few years, significantly reducing the share of imports, - RUSNANO Managing Director Alexander Kondrashov notes.

The implementation of the project for the expansion of capacity and product line of LLC Akrilan by introducing qualitatively new European technologies and the financial support of RUSNANO will lead to the release of innovative products that have not been produced in the country before – the General Director of Akrilan Oleg Kuzin says.