Swiss-Russian Award for Innovation

1 Introduction

The Swiss Russian Forum (SRF) has created the Suvorov-Prize as an award for outstanding innovative projects in the sectors of science and technology as well as health. Entrepreneurship plays a decisive role in the selection of the Prize-winners as the marketability of the innovation is viewed essential.

The Suvorov-Prize will be bestowed upon Swiss and/or Russian citizens whose projects have a cross-national or international impact as stipulated in the statutory aims of the SRF. The name of the prize honours the Russian General Alexander V. Suvorov who, in 1799, fought against Napoleon’s army in the Gotthard area of central Switzerland. There, a Suvorov monument has been erected in memory of the General’s and his Russian soldiers’ brave campaign to assist the Swiss. Suvorov is seen as an early bridge-builder between Switzerland and the Russian Federation.

Apart from distinguishing the winners, the Suvorov-Award is also intended to provide encouragement and additional publicity as well as to serve as a reference. The prize-giving ceremony is held either in the Russian Federation or in Switzerland, with media presence and distinguished speakers.

The Suvorov-Prize provides the winners with USD 10’000.00 in cash and a one-year start-up coaching for the innovation project.

2 Purpose

International significance: advantage for strengthening of long-term sustainable economic relations between Switzerland and the Russian Federation and to enhance the cooperation in the field of innovation.

3 Organisation

The SRF is responsible for the organisation of the Suvorov-Award on an annual basis. The prize-winning ceremony alternates between the Russian Federation and Switzerland. Media coverage will generate publicity and additional encouragement for future participation.

Eligible for the SRF Suvorov-Award are students, graduates, post-graduates, scientific staff and doctoral candidates at all universities and colleges, as well as companies or their designated representatives.

3.1 Overview of assessment criteria

Creativity: Original, Interdisciplinary, Simplicity of idea Innovation value: Transfer between science and business, time elapsed since moment of innovation meets specifications; project leads to improvement relative to status quo Social relevance: Timeliness of the project, project meets a social need; project has a broad social impact

Marketability: Project refers to market demand; feasibility, relevant for and realisable in the market; financial viability Swiss Russian Context: Common Swiss/Russian elements are a prerequisite.

4 Jury
Dr. iur. Thomas Frick, Partner Niederer Kraft & Frey AG, Zurich
Henning Grossmann, CEO Technopark Zurich
Michael Lifshitz, Director High-tech Business Development, Renova Group, Moscow
Beatrice G. Lombard-Martin, Executive President Swiss Russian Forum Foundation
Galina Sato, CEO granite group, Zurich
Andri Manatschal, Partner PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zurich
Deadlines for participation

First Round

Applications are accepted until June 30, 2013
Power Point presentation of project containing the main elements of the business plan

Second Round (and selection of 6 candidates for the semi-finals) Results of the second round will be communicated by the jury at the end of September.
The jury may request further Information on projects.

Third round (and selection of the 3 finalists)
Results of the third round will be communicated by the jury at the end of October. The three finalists will be presented at the Suvorov Award Ceremony.

The Ceremony of the Suvorov Prize 2013
… will take place at the Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel in Moscow on December 9, 2013.

The Prize for the Winner
… contains 10’000.00 USD, support for marketing the project, an official certificate and the gold medal. There will be reports in Russian and Swiss media on the winners and results will be communicated on the web page of the Swiss Russian Forum:

Please end application form by email to:

All participants are regularly informed by email.

Meetings Jury

First Meeting (selection of 6 candidates)
Beginning of July

Second Meeting (selection of the 3 finalists)
End of August / beginning of September

Third Meeting (selection of the winner)
Beginning of October