Ukrainian Advice Wallet attracted money of the Russian Venture Fund

Ukrainian Advice Wallet attracted money of the Russian Venture FundUkrainian Startup Advice Wallet attracts $300K from the Russian Venture Fund Imperious Group. The whole company is estimated of $2,5M – both after $70K from incubator Happy Farm, in which the project has had the incubation in 2012, and today investments from Imperious Group.

On the received money the Advice Wallet launches the program in CIS countries and Europe. The next aim is to attract more $4M of investments and conquer American market.

The Advice Wallet is a social program of loyalty for attraction, retention and understanding of clients. This is a mobile application, through which users can follow activity of friends on social networks, invite them to visit favorite outlets. For each invited client they get bonuces from the outlet, but the main thing is a reward for attendance of favorite places. According to the founders – Stas Matvienko and Anna Polishchuk – the value of the business program is not only in sales growth, but in the possibility of building long-term partnership with clients.

The service is not launched yet, it starts in autumn. There are two monthly rates for the business: packet “Lite” for $69, and “Plus” for $89. In order to connect and create own loyalty program, the outlets should register online. They also have an access for personal notifications mailing, visiting statistics, and statistics of rewards effectiveness, information about clients and their activity. The first month of connection is free.
Earlier the Startup has already received $25K of angel investments.