The resident of “Ingria” “Fresh Office” received 37M RUB of investments

The resident of “Ingria” “Fresh Office” received 37M RUB of investmentsThe Saint-Petersburg Startup “FreshOffice”, resident of the business incubator “Ingria’, received investments from the venture company “Imperious Group” in amount of 37M RUB within the limits of the 2nd financing round, informs “Ingria”.

The “FreshOffice” offers a complex of cloud applications for interconnections with contractors, workers job analysis, tasks statement, document flow maintaining. Applications are realized as separate solutions, or in the shape of a single ecosystem of corporate management. The project has received a grant by the program “Microsoft BizSpark”. The company enters the portfolio of the Seen Investments Fund “Fresh Solutions”.

Fund will be directed to positions strengthening of the project on Russian market with help of marketing tools and the “FreshOffice” product entering the South-East, Central America and Latina America markets.

The business-incubator “Ingria” was founded in 2008. This is the first project of the technopark “Ingria”, which is created in Saint-Petersburg within the limits of the Federal program realization for technoparks development in the sphere of high technologies. Residents of the incubator get consultation services in 4 main branches: investments, mentors, clients, talents. As an additional infrastructure residents of the “Ingria” get an opportunity to rent equipped working places in offices and co-workings, operate in negotiation rooms and conduct own events in the conference hall. The total amount of investments in residents’ projects in 2013 comprised 424M RUB, and during the whole time of incubator’s work, the amount exceeded 1.3B RUB.