In a business incubator “Ingria” starts a partner program with the Martal Gro

Within the program GoGlobal, focused on Startups entering the international markets, business incubator Ingria executed an agreement on partnership with the Company Martal Group (Israel). The parties are intended to share expert support to active and potential residents among its partner networks, organize joint educational programs for Startups.

The first step in new partnerships will be conducted on August, 7 in the business incubator Ingria in the course of the regular Open Days Ingria on the subject “Acceleration of Startups and entering the international markets”. The speaker of the event is Alexander Zaidelson, IT-expert of Martal Group, and experienced entrepreneur, who developed such companies as SoftWatch, Nareos Inc., WeFi Inc.

Participants of the Open Days Ingria will get the perfect possibility to discuss success stories and failure reasons of foreign Startups on the basis of test-cases, to get acquainted with examples of Russian Startups` acceleration in Israel and exampled of Russian Startups creation on the basis if Israel technologies.

“It is nоt a secret that Israel is called a nation of Startups, - says Alexander Zaidelson from Martel Group, - Most teams from Israel projects have successfully entered International markets, some of them became subdivisions of international companies. For some reason the Companies Apple, Microsoft and Intel opened its first centers namely in Israel”.

Besides, on the seminar there will be presented a program «Twinning activity Technology Transfer Executives Israeli Commercialization Practices», based on the experience of Israel Startups` commercialization on international markets. This educationally-practice course has been created by reams of Israel Skolkovo Gateway, the Company of technological transfer of the Ariel University, Martal Consulting LLC and business incubator Ingria. Main stages of the program will be conducted in Autumn, 2013.