Chief of Amazon purchased the Washington Post for $250M

The founder of the largest in the world online store Amazon Jeffrey Bezos purchases a newspaper the Washington Post and related applications as a private individual for $250M.

“Years of problems in newspaper industry, familiar to everyone, made us think over about the fact that perhaps there will be found another owner of the newspaper, who will bring more use, - said the director general of Washington Post Donald Graham. – Checked out genius Jeffrey Bezos in the sphere of technologies and business, his far-sightedness and private decency made him a solely appropriate new owner of the Post”.

Herewith the Graham Family, who owned the Washington Post for more than 80 years, will put a hold on a range of structures, entering the Holding Washington Post, including educational organization Kaplan.

Mr.Bezos announced that he will not interrupt in all the details of newspaper business, he will nor change the long-standing order in this newspaper, however in the near years there will be some changes in the Washington Post. But it will refer to Internet transformation of all the aspects of the news business. But Mr.Bezos has not explained about the core of the changes, because, according to him, he has no plans on this account.

It is expected that the deal will be closed during approximately 60 days.