Investors will allocate $1,35M for establishment of the largest medical resou

Investors will allocate $1,35M for establishment of the largest medical resouVenture funds Runa Сapital, Prostor Capital and Internet-group Fastlane Ventures have combined a part of their securities for establishment of the medical online Internet-company, and consolidation of the Internet healthcare segment.

Within the limits of the deal combination of two resources takes place: “VitaPortal” (founder of personal services on health and medicine, assets Fastlane Ventures and Prostor Capital), and “ZdorovieOnline” (the Company –developer of the medical platform and electronic medicine card, assets Runa Capital).

In order to save balance of shares and development of a range of additional services under the brand “VitaPortal”, the Runa Capital and founder of the “ZdorovieOnline” Aleksey Kandikov additionally invest in the unified company $1M and $350K correspondingly.

Attracted in the course of the round funds will be directed at establishment of a range of new online-services and further development of a data personalization technology. Special attention will be paid to services development at mobile platforms.

According to Runa Capital, on the results of the deal “VitaPortal” will take the first place by volume of raised funds among Startups, working in medicine sphere in Russia. At the moment among its shareholders are the following: Fastlane Ventures, venture funds Prostor Capital and Runa Capital, and also business angel Esther Dyson.

Our aim is to form Russian market of medical online-services, - noted Azamat Ul’bashev, director general and co-founder of “VitaPortal”. – For any country availability of such a service, important and required for everyone is an index of country’s civilization, its priorities in the sphere of nation’s health care. It is very pleasant for me that investors share our expectations and support our efforts in this task solution”.

Nowadays personified services of “VitaPortal” have already been used by more than 700 thousand registered users. According to forecasts of investors, in the result of merger in 2014 this value will increase up to 5 million.

“Users’ need in “digital medicine” significantly grows. Global investments volume in IT-startups, working in the sphere of healthcare comprised about $1.5B, - said investment director of Runa Capital Gaidar MAgdanurov. – The deal with “VitaPortal” and joining a technological company “ZdorovieOnline” will allow building the largest information portal of medical subject-matter and provide with qualitative technologies of solution for users”.