Peter Vesterback estimated a system of business incubation of the Kazan IT-pa

Peter Vesterback estimated a system of business incubation of the Kazan IT-paMany starting Startupers try to repeat success of one of the most popular mobile application – Angry Birds. This, at the first glance, simple game, immediately conquered global charts and still remains one of the most downloaded, having more additions, new game versions and various pleasant bonuses. Those, who are interested in the Angry Birds success, are likely to know the company Rovio Entertainment and marketing vice-president of Rovio Mobile, founder of Angry Birds – Peter Vesterback.

Peter Vesterback in a bright-red smock Angry Birds and with plush Angry Bird” in hands has visited today the Kazan IT-park. The main aim of mr.Vesterback became the conference-hall, in which he met with students at the conference “Digital intelligence and safety in Internet for upper-form pupil and student”. He told about how started and continued establishment of the Rovio Mobile and its brand, and how his company during 10 years received astatus of one of the most successful and fast growing in the world.

But the conference was not the later aim of the famous businessman visit in the Kazan IT-park, and directly from the conference hall Mr.Vesterback, accompanied by the Minister of informatics and communications of the Tatarstan Republic Roman Shaikhutdinov, went to visit the business-incubator of the Kazan IT-park. He was shown boxes, where workers of young teams work under ambitions projects. Peter Vesterback was gals to see liveliness in the business-incubator – recently new residents started to work here, who passed regular 11th selection. Mr.Vesterback noted that in the business-incubator are all conditions for Startupers to feel good and could work under their projects in comfortable conditions. It was pleasant for guests to know that the business-incubator as a invited guests has several times visited Paolo Borella – famous Finnish business-trainer. He has shared experience with young entrepreneurs and toll active participation in the business-incubator life.

The Minister of informatics and communications has offered the guest the project of Innopolis. A city of future, which will become a new house for the most professional specialists, has pleasantly surprised Mr.Vesterback. Roman Shaikhutdinov noted that this place could become a true magnet for young entrepreneurs and perspective companies”.

Besides the business-incubator, Mr.Vesterback managed to visit the Data-Center. The guest received from Roman Shaikhutdinov a characteristics as “one of the most significant people, who develop IT all over the world”.