Microchips for blood test “Semiotic” attracted investments

Microchips for blood test “Semiotic” attracted investments The portfolio Fund “RVC”, JSC – “Biofund RVC” in partnership with the Investment company “Russ-Invest” has invested in the company “Semiotic”, which specializes on development and production of unique microchips for blood test and donor plasma. Total volume of the investment round comprises more than 200M RUB. Investments from partners will be directed on ending the development of unique microchips for blood test and donor dry blood, conduction of clinical investigations and manufacture start.

The first product of “Semiotic” is microchip, specialized for existence definition of pathogens and tumor markers in blood. The “Semiotic” makes emphasis on multiplexity and high values for sensitivity and analysis specificity. Developed version of a microchip will allow simultaneously defining 10 various pathogens, and execute tumor diagnosis, based on definition of tumor-specified antibodies to two tumor types.

The enterprise will be located in the Moscow region. Manufacture launch is expected in 2015, and planned volume of production output will comprise about 1 million items per year. According to preliminary estimations of experts, by 2020 capacity of Russian market for such microchips will comprise more than $100M per year.

The project is executed jointly with the New-York University, which contributes to clinical investigations conduction, certification and licensing of a microchip for Russian market, CIS countries and USA.

“We consider that usage of our microchips will increase quality and speed of blood donor center’s work, plants on plasma processing and also clinics, laboratories, medical diagnostic centers and other medicine organizations, which execute blood tests with the aim of revealing cancer tumors and pathogens, - notes director general of the “Semiotic” Nikolay Bovin. – We will widen the range of detected diseases with the help of a chip, because nowadays opportunities of our technological platform are not dead”.

“Investors of the project with great optimism look at technology’s perspectives on Russian market, and we expect that the company will enter the operational self-repayment for the second year after sales start”, - says director of the “Biofund RVC” Yegor Beketov.

“It is evident that microchip will be on demand by various consumers’ groups – a special interest it represents for investigation institutions, working in the sphere of oncology and blood learning, and also for enterprises, which conduct vaccination, - notes the President - director general of the “Investment Company Russ-Invest”, JSC Aleksander Bychkov.

The deal has been conducted with association of the company “Branan” – a venture partner of the project, which has accompanied it at all the stages of consideration by investors, including collaboration of the optimal deal’s structure, taking into consideration all participants’ interests.