82 innovation projects have entered the semifinal of the “Zvorykinskaya award

82 innovation projects have entered the semifinal of the “Zvorykinskaya awardThere has been formed the total list of semifinalists of the All-Russian contest for youth innovation projects “Zvorykinskaya award”. In 2013 the Award will be presented by five nominations: clear technologies, biomedical technologies, new materials, information technologies and instrumentation.
The technology expertise of projects has been conducted at district youth innovation convents, which have been held in the end of October in Krasnodar and Saransk, and also within the closes meeting of the Expert committee. 40 innovation projects passed the final, which have taken maximum amount of point. Together with 41semifinalistsm which have been defined within the shift “Innovations and technical creation” of the Forum Seliger-2013”, they pass the next stage of the contest – semifinal.

The semifinal of the contest will be conducted in November 15-17, 2013 in the Moscow region, on the territory of the yacht-club “New shore”. During three days there will be conducted the investment expertise of projects. Each semifinalist will get 5 minutes for presenting his product to the Expert committee, and after the presentation will answer questions and discuss its development with experts. Estimations will be made in accordance woth the international; investment practice.

“This year we have edited criteria of participants’ selection, making the main emphasis on existence of really breaking technologies, which, perhaps, will change rules on global markets. It is possible to say with assurance that semifinal of the contest will become a presentation for 82 really innovative and high-tech projects, - said the Chairman of the “Zvorykinskaya awars” expert committee Aleksander Loktionov. – It is important that experts-practicals will estimate projects; they work with innovational projects everyday, - invest in it, collaborate rights on intellectual property or conduct couching-sessions”.

Besides the projects’ presentations and investment expertise, the semifinal program includes special educational program “Seed Forum Academy”. Participants of the contest ill make conversation with experts of development institutions and leading technology companies, successful Russian and foreign entrepreneurs and investors. The event will be organized with support of the “RVC”, JCS and the “STROGINO” Technopark in a format of practical workshop. Semifinalists will have an opportunity to get acquainted with global experience of projects’ commercialization and forming the intellectual property rights, ask interested questions to experts at informal environment.

The final stage will pass 15 innovation projects, which will receive maximum amount of points – by three projects in each nomination. The top-five winners will be defines at the All-Russian innovation convent in December 5, 2013 in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.