Contest of youth innovation projects Zworykin Award 2013 starts

Contest of youth innovation projects Zworykin Award 2013 startsThe organizing committee of Zworykin project announces the acceptance of applications for the All-Russian competition of youth innovation projects Zworykin Award 2013.

Private investors and companies that finance innovations will support the most promising innovative projects participating in the competition. The winners of the contest will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to accelerate the advancement of their projects.

The features of Zworykin Award 2013 Competition: a simplified system for filing applications, and radically changed approach to the selection of nominations for the best innovative project. The categories were chosen together with the experts so that they could fit into the developing ecosystem of innovative projects in Russia and in the world. Thus, the participants and winners of Zworykin project 2013 will have a chance to receive further support and investment under the programmes of RVC JSC, the Skolkovo Fund, and Special Economic Zones JSC.

The winners will be awarded in 5 categories:

The best innovative project:
- In clean technologies,
- In biomedical technologies,
- In new materials,
- In information technologies,
- In instrument engineering.

The competition is open for young citizens of the Russian Federation aged between 14 and 30 (and up to 35 for those having a degree) who present innovative projects. Interested innovators should apply online at the Zworykin project website

Accepting applications for the first stream of the contest ends on June 15, 2013 on the website Online examination of innovative projects will run until July 15, 2013. It will select 200 best projects for the technological expertise at the Innovations and Technical Creativity event within Seliger-2013 Forum.