Investments in the site of educational content “BeSmart” comprise $4M

Investments in the site of educational content “BeSmart” comprise $4MIn Russia has been launched the service “”, which allows selling educational content. Investments in the service for the near three years comprise $4M, informed journalists the Chief of the “” Aleksander Vulfovich.

The “” is positioned by the company as the first in Russia trade field for distribution and review of paid educational and cognitive content. The recourse represents a connecting chain between experts, which want to earn at its knowledge, and users of Internet, who wish to acquire these knowledge.

The Hong-Kong Investment Fund “Education Matrix” plays as investor. According to the “BeSmart”, annual profit of the project can comprise about $15,4M. According to the plan, during the year at the site will be launched about 100 thousand lectures. Medium cost of one lecture will comprise 150 rubles.

Besides lectures, the resource includes elements of a social network, for example, an opportunity to unify users in groups by interests, messages exchange and public discussion of the seen material. At the resource is also possible to organize online-seminars and telebridges.

According to Mr.Vulfovich, the foreseen volume of global market of educational content for the year 2014, according to various estimations, comprises about $49B, annual rates of growth in USA are equal to approximately 12%, in the East Europe – 23%.