The Bortnik Fund has given 5M RUB to gifted youth in Novosibirsk

The Bortnik Fund has given 5M RUB to gifted youth in NovosibirskFinalists of the program “Umnik” received 200K RUB from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology (Bortnik Fund) for development of own projects, informed organizers of the event. These are 25 people, among which are students, aspirants, young scientists – all of them received grants by 200K RUB for realization of own scientific developments.

According to the contest terms, participants have given projects by directions “Information technologies”. “Modern materials and technologies of its creation”, “New devices and apparatus complexes”, “Biotechnology”, “Medicine of future”. The contest jury have selected the best scientific-research works, results of which have commercialization perspective.

Finalists awarding by the program “Umnik” of the Bortnik Fund has been conducted within the annual festival of innovations “Fakel” in the Novosibirsk Academy park. Besides awarding, during the event have been conducted expert sessions for students and starting entrepreneurs, and also have been summarized results of the business-incubator work.