The Holding BBG invested the Ukrainian service for automobilists DriverNotes

The Holding BBG invested the Ukrainian service for automobilists DriverNotesThe Ukrainian service for automobilists “DriverNotes” attracted investments from the President of the Holding “Best Business Group” (BBG) Yevgeniya Dubinskaya. The amount of investments is not disclosed, but there is more than $100K. Funds will be directed to business development, particularly: issue of the new mobile application, staff widening, and marketing.

For Yevgeniya Dubinskaya this is not the first experience of investing funds in young companies – her first investment in February this year became the deal for $75 with the project “A-Reality”, which develops the technology on additional reality. Yevgeniya is also one of investors of the project by Yegor Anchishkin “”.

The project “DriverNotes” was founded in 2010 by Aleksander Mozolyuk and has been established for own funds, in 2011 it attracted angel investments. Initially the core of the service was in a digital analogue of the “board book” of a driver, later it appeared to be the service for counting events of the car, including expenses calculations of the car. Nowadays the team plans to implement also recommendations/advices for using the car, functions for comparing the car and parts, adding new playing elements and social functions.

On the basis of the service’s business-model is monetization due to online-partners (companies, which sell parts, fuel, insurance, technical services, tyre, etc). Remaining the free service for users, we plan to earn at the expense of partners share sales, leads sales to our partners, sales of access to un-personified data (analytics)”, - informed in the company.

Entering for profitability is planed during 12-18 months. In future the startup also plans to enter the Russian market. Nowadays the audience of the service comprises about 75 thousand users from the CIS countries.