The portfolio company of RVC Eccentex raised $7.5 B in round A

The portfolio company of RVC Eccentex raised  $7.5 B in round A    Eccentex, the portfolio company of VTB - Venture Fund, established with the participation of RVC Capital, raised $ 7.5 B in the first round of funding. VTB Capital headed the round. Eccentex plans to use this money for expansion in markets where innovative solutions in the dynamic case management allow the companies to improve the efficiency of tasks such as handling calls to customer support, incident management and the conducting of business intelligence.

Dynamic Case Management (Dynamic Case Management (DCM)) is a business process, initiated by an event that requires analysis and feedback. The company Eccentex is a leader in providing solutions AppBase for this dynamic case management on the technology platform PaaS. AppBase Platform helps leading organizations in finance, insurance, health care and public administration to deploy technology solutions significantly faster (up to 5 times), while reducing costs by more than 50% and raising the quality level of customer support by 40%.

Eccentex established in 2006, now works with the active AppBase platform users to create applications such as On-Demand (SaaS) around the world. As Glen Schrank, the CEO of the company said, the support of such recognized financial institution as the VTB Capital is very important for Eccentex. "We intend to strengthen our leadership in providing solutions for the dynamic case-management companies of various sectors of the economy where the high quality implementation of business processes is needed," – Schrank said.

The success of Eccentex is highly evaluated by VTB Capital. «Eccentex is one of the first companies estimated a large market demand for this product. Eccentex, with superior technology platform, solid portfolio of customers, world-class solutions and rapidly growing global market, is ready for the significant growth based on the desire of companies worldwide to improve customer service. We see great potential for the development of Eccentex in the near future "- Aydar Kaliev, the head of the venture capital business VTB Capital said.