Anonymous examination of innovation products system to appear in Moscow

Anonymous examination of innovation products system to appear in MoscowAnonymous examination of innovation products system will appear in Moscow. Alexey Komissarov, the head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, informed the Russian media about that. According to Mr. Komissarov, a tender on the creation of a special electronic platform will be announced in March. On this platform the latest developments involving budget funds will be tested on efficiency. A total of at least 30 B RUR from the budget of Moscow will be spent on innovative projects in 2012.

To coordinate the whole project it is planned to set up a special Web site where all state orders on innovative developments will flow in. Interested companies will send their solutions to the portal for the examination. The authorities want to attract broad scientific community and Russian Venture Company Skolkovo and RUSNANO experts to the examination. For each branch it is supposed to attract about 50 experts, but they will work anonymously, and they will not know the name of the project, which is estimated, and its authors.

To maintain the most accurate conclusion of the projects the so-called expert rating will be created. It will take into account both the high-quality work of recognized scientists, and their errors in estimating the innovation development up to the closedown with them for a lot of shortcomings.