Russia and Belarus to build a business accelerator and industrial park jointl

Russia and Belarus to build a business accelerator and industrial park jointl
On March 14, OP Association of high-tech parks concluded an agreement with the Republic of Belarus State Committee on Science and Technology. The parties agreed to establish joint working and expert councils, carry out joint scientific, practical, topical congresses, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other events. But the main outcome of the meeting held in Nizhny Novgorod was the decision to establish a Russian-Belarusian industrial park, acting within the Union State.

According to A. Shpilenko, the director of the Association, the project implementation will allow to create a base of world-class experts, to conduct high-class expertise of innovative projects, to increase the number of parks resident companies of Belarus and Russia on the world market and thus significantly improve the image of the parks as institutions of innovation development, reports the Youth Innovation Centre site.

The Parties will develop cooperation through the exchange of ideas, experiences, information, joint participation in specialized seminars, conferences, joint projects and other agreed forms of cooperation in innovation activity of parks residents who are the members of the Association.

According Shpilenko, now the term industrial park for many people is associated with a simple business center. Only 15% of the parks of their total number in our country are really involved in innovation, nurture successful companies on their areas. Establishment of Russian-Belarusian industrial park will radically change the situation and provide an accurate guideline for young innovative companies how to develop their business and make it successful.

The Agreement provides as follows:

1) Preparing the concept of a Russian-Belarusian industrial park within a year, which will take into account the best practices; the concept will be offered to the Union State of Russia and Belarus as a model industrial park, taking into account our specific character;

2) Creating a working group to develop an interstate target program of Eurasian innovation system. This important joint solution will unite our countries and will give infrastructure solutions to the industrial park residents;

3) The rapid placement of the stores signers on the information resources where they will exhibit innovation projects of Russian and Belarusian designers.

We have agreed on a wide range of cooperation in the field of parks and support for residents in commercializing their innovations, - concluded Andrey Shpilenko.