RuNet to open a social network for all innovation process participants

RuNet to open a social network for all innovation process participantsOn March 14 at Lenexspo the presentation of Innovative Technology Club portal as part of the St. Petersburg Technical Fair took place. The portal was created in the format of the social network for all innovation process participants. The project is designed for all innovation process participants: the representatives of business, industry, science, government and education. Also, the resource will provide a full range of advertising opportunities to promote the company among its target audience: participation in the rankings and online awards, placing price lists, new products and sales promotions, publication of news and press releases, and, of course, banner and contextual advertising.

Alex Sulimov RESTEC Media internet portals sector manager presented the project. Innovative Technology Club portal beta version was shown during the presentation, where it is already possible to be registered, mark an event on the general calendar, add to the feed on the front page novelties, press releases, promotions, news, special offers and interviews.
Studies and surveys in this branch have showed that the participants lack professional communication in a virtual environment, - says Alexey Sulimov. - The industry representatives not only want to publish information about their products, promotions and news, but also to have the opportunity to ask questions directly to the manufacturer or supplier of interest, to view his profile and create his own - with pictures and discussions. That's why it was exactly the club created - no unnecessary information, only the current professional environment.